Bar Code Scanner

The Numtec BC 3D-Laser Scanner for use with specifically developed cast barcode marking system for automatic identification of aluminum alloy wheels. Established laser technology measures the distance from the scanning head to the product surface, precisely checking the curvature of the wheel for a barcode. Unlike vision systems, the Numtec 3-D laser scanner does not require special lighting. Wheels can be scanned before or after heat treat.


  • Maximum speed during reading process of 1000mm/sec. depending on code size. Scanning speed allows wheels to be scanned on the fly.

  • Standard reading distance of 250 to 450mm eliminating the need for long costly change overs for wheel size.

  • Position of bar code can be used to determine location for drilling valve stem hole.

  • Laser Triangulation sensor with RISC Microprocessor.

  • Optional vertical slide system for scanning flow form wheels with SLS 300 Model. Allows laser to find the curb side of the wheel and move to the proper height to scan for the bar code.