Vision Recognition System

This is a high speed camera system capable of operating in a random chaotic manufacturing environment. The MD 825 camera system from NUMTEC can identify aluminum alloy wheel types based on wheel design, outside diameter and wheel depth. Wheels of the same design but different diameters and widths can be individually identified. NUMTEC’s special software uses a new geometrical measurement routine with a more robust and reliable function compared to other systems on the market. With its standard processor speed, the MD825 can identify wheels at a rate of 600 wheels per hour from an active library of 50 wheel designs. One MD825 can feed multiple work stations.


  • Compatible with wheels from 14” to 24” in diameter and up to 45 kg. Wheel width 3.5” to 12”.

  • Compete cycle time of approx. 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Uses NUMTEC’s standard user interface for easy operation.

  • Standalone system arrives ready for operation.