6-Jaw Production Series

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Adjusting a cam arm from one wheel diameter to another in seconds makes this chuck ideal for aftermarket wheel manufacturers and OEM suppliers who handle short-run specialty wheels. The 6-Jaw Production Series cam arms can be adjusted to accommodate a various range of wheel diameters as easily as inserting a wrench and turning it. The 6-Jaw Production Series for automobiles and light trucks allows for variations in raw castings as well as reducing the tooling cost. One tooling setup can be used for multiple parts.

6-jaw wheel production chuck.


6-Jaw Production Series for automobiles and light trucks.
6-jaw wheel production chuck.
Specifications for 6-Jaw Production Series workholding chuck.
Model No. Capacity Wheel Dia. (in) RPM (max) Drawbar Pull (lbs/kg) Drawbar Stroke (in/mm) Spindle Mount Chuck Weight (lbs/kg) A Dia. (in/mm) B (in/mm)
US6-1620 16 to 20 2500 4045/1835 0.984/25 A2-8 364/165 22.8/580 10.2/258

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