Chuck Actuators

LMC Workholding offers two chuck actuators specifically designed for wheel chuck applications like yours. These hydraulic cylinders offer optimum hydraulic system pressure settings for the fastest clamping/unclamping action available. Their shorter lengths and lighter weights enhance lathe acceleration and deceleration while improving machine dynamics and reducing energy consumption. Model LWC1120 is a single-motion cylinder ideal for applications that use solid mandrels or spring rings for wheel centering. Model LWC2146 is a dual motion cylinder that is ideal for applications that actuate a collet or the LMC Active Centering System.

Chuck actuators for wheel chuck applications.
Chuck actuators offer fast clamping/unclamping action
Model No. Weight  Length  Stroke Time 

Single Motion
Competitor Unit

35 lbs
59 lbs


1.6 sec
2.5 sec 

Dual Motion
Competitor Unit
50 lbs
78 lbs 
314 mm
510 mm
2.3 (0.4) sec
3.5 (0.6) sec 

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