Wheel Deburring Machine

MAKRA deburring machines are available to remove casting flashes from aluminum wheels. In automated production the casting flashes can cause problems during transport, x-ray, car loading and clamping the wheels. These machines can handle wheel diameters from 13” to 24” and wheel widths of 4” to 13”.

Four types of deburring machines are available:

  • 2-axis deburring machine for directly after casting, wheels are loaded with a robot.
  • 4-axis deburrer milling machine for removal of the burrs, used after casting.
  • 2-axis partially deburring milling machine, with robot loading, for removing the burrs in the inner and outer wheel flange.
  • 2-axis deburring milling machine for partial deburring or complete deburring of the wheel. Designed as running through machine.

MAKRA Wheel Deburring Machine, wheel testing machines from LMC.

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