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Chandox brand stationary pneumatic and hydraulic chucks are available from LMC Workholding

Chandox brand stationary pneumatic and hydraulic chucks are available from LMC Workholding. The 2 actuating axes self-centering solid air chuck fixtures are great for machining centers and feature 4-jaw clamping but only require 1 air inlet outlet for clamping. 2-jaw and 3-jaw hollow power chuck fixtures with built-in type cylinders are also ideal for machining applications. These chucks provide a gripping force range up to 44kn (9891 lb-f) on smaller models and up 142.1kn (31,945 lb-f) on larger models for heavy duty cutting. Other features include rust-proof cylinder and dust-proof and waterproof structure.

Chandox super thin manual chucks and chucks for quality measurement and gaging are also available. Various models and specifications are offered. Hard jaws and soft jaws can be used alternatively. A chuck flange on the powerful type super thin chucks makes loading and unloading simpler and more convenient. Super thin square chucks offer repetitive gripping accuracy with hard jaws within 0.02mm.

LMC Workholding engineers and manufactures high quality chucks and standard and special workholding equipment, including international style power chucks and cylinders, wheel chucks, high volume machining power chucks, Atling hydraulic steady rests, Richter manual steady rests, Stiefelmayer specialty clamping tools, Chandox brand chucks and cylinders and T de G large chucks.

Contact LMC Workholding, P.O. Box 7006, Logansport, IN 46947-7006, Telephone 574-735-0225, Fax 574-722-6559.